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Extend equipment life

Designed to enhance elevator safety and security, boost performance and equipment reliability, meet requirements for the physically challenged, and improve aesthetics. A Schindler upgrade program can help protect your building investment.

Key features & benefits
Replace older electromechanical systems with new technologies to improve reliability.

Improve performance and achieve smoother rides with upgraded dispatching strategies and gentle door operation.

Bring your system up to code compliance with new safety features.

Energy savings
New energy-efficient components can help many older installations consume less energy and provide continuing savings year after year.

Security upgrades can help control unauthorized use of elevators, or restrict access to selected floors.

Appearance means more than just a pretty face. Cab and fixtures upgrades can improve functionality, reliability and accessibility as well.

Many improvements covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act can be introduced to your elevators. Often, these upgrades carry an appearance or performance benefit as well.