Schindler Miconic TX

Schindler modernization solutions for high-rise buildings raise your existing elevators to a performance level that fulfills the highest requirements. Ride comfort that leaves nothing to be desired, modern environmental and safety standards, personalized elevator service and an exciting design.

Secure your investment
Confronted with newer buildings on the market, you must ensure that existing buildings can also keep pace in the competition for new tenants. For this to be possible, it is essential for your elevators to meet the latest quality and environmental standards and applicable codes.

Featured components

Reliable Schindler Miconic® TX controllers for unbeatable traffic handling and even distribution of passengers for efficient energy consumption
Green technology to enhance efficiency and improve performance
Door operation enhancements for smooth, safe, reliable door operation
Schindler Ahead for 24/7 monitoring and diagnosis that helps return your equipment to service faster than traditional troubleshooting methods
Schindler Lobby Vision® building management system to give you supervision and performance data on your equipment. (Optional)
Custom design options including cabs, fixtures, lighting and other features to enhance the architectural environment of the building.